Text Options

There are 3 general categories of text options:

Poetic Passages:
Beautiful passages provide a means for you to proclaim your commitment to one another in writing. This text option includes the couple's names and wedding date at the top center of the ArtVow.

Classic Vows:
If you are looking for a more traditional text for your ArtVow, this would be an ideal text option. The text starts off with a personalized paragraph that includes the date, location and names of the Bride and Groom. The text continues on with beautiful and timeless promises of love, respect, support, and devotion to one another.

Sample Text:
On the___________ day of the week, the______________ day of the month of______________ in the year 20_____ here in ____________________, in the presence of family and friends, the beloveds ______________, son of ______________________ and ________________ daughter of ___________________, entered into the covenant of marriage.

As we embark on life's journey, we promise to love, cherish, encourage and inspire one another.....etc.

Your Own Vows:
This text option was created for those couples who love a particular design but wish to use their own wording rather than one of the standard texts offered by the artist. We take your wedding vows and transform them into a limited edition art print. If you order "Your Own Text" text option, you must provide us with a typed, electronic copy of your text.