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February 12, 2011
Christians Embrace a Jewish Wedding Tradition

In a San Antonio chapel last August, after reciting their wedding vows and exchanging their rings, Sally and Mark Austin prepared to receive communion for the first time as husband and wife. Just before they did, their minister asked them to sign a document. It was a ketubah, a traditional Jewish marriage contract. View Article

March 24, 2011
Transform your Words of Love and Commitment into a Beautiful and Stunning Piece of Art.

ArtVows is a unique way for you celebrate your union and to capture the spirit of your new life together. Designed by a select group of artists and individually printed on heirloom quality paper or canvas, ArtVows will capture the essence of your vows... View Article

February 18, 2011 Offer Couples Personalized Fine Art

Wedding photos don’t have to be the only keepsake from your wedding day. ArtVows offers fine art pieces that celebrate marriage in a unique way, couples can display their vows for the world to see with vibrant, full color fine art that captures the spirit... View Article

April 24, 2011
Wedding Extras!

As you know if you are in the throes of planning the Big Day, there is no shortage of new and exciting products that can enhance your wedding and post-wedding experience. Every day it seems there's a whole crop of clever and unusual ideas to consider. And it's these that will make your wedding special and personal - an event that will be talked about... View Article

April 25, 2011
Long Island Wedding Ideas IN THE NEWS

If you’re looking for new ideas for your wedding and just beyond (and who isn’t??), take a look at my most recent “Tying the Knot” column at Among them: ArtVows. This online company offers a varied line of art, accompanied by your personal wedding vows... View Article

April 30, 2011
Vow Muse is Judging a Vow Writing Contest!!

A couple months ago, we found ArtVows on Twitter. They create a work of art from your vows to be displayed and enjoyed in your home in celebration of the commitment you made on your wedding day. It's a beautiful idea and Vow Muse had to try to get in on the action! View Article

May 4, 2011

One of a Kind Marriage Vows Contest Features Ten Weekly Winners of Customized ArtVows and One Grand Prize Winner of One Thousand Dollars to be Announced on July 27. View Article

May 4, 2011 - World's Best ArtVows Gallery (@GF Weddings)

ArtVows takes the beauty of what has become a traditional wedding ritual in many cultures, and allows all couples to incorporate the tradition into their wedding ceremony. According to the site’s founder Michael Shapiro, “Many cultures across the centuries have looked to meaningful ways to mark and perpetuate life cycle events... View Article

May 5, 2011
The ArtVows One of a Kind Marriage Vow Contest (

OFFICIAL RULES: NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase or payment will not improve your chances of winning. The ArtVows One of a Kind Marriage Vow Contest (the “Contest”) entry period begins at 1:00 PM Eastern... View Article

May 10, 2011
$1k for writing your marriage vows? Cha-Ching! (in Wedd Obsessed: the blog for those obsessed with weddings)

"One of a Kind" is the theme for the first ever Marriage Vows Contest hosted by ArtVows and judged by Vow Muse. Why should you be interested? There are 1000 reasons why -- which is the cash prize amount you'll be awarded in July if your vows are truly top of the line... View Article

May 11, 2011

The world watched the magical moment in last week’s Royal Wedding when Kate and William shared the special prayer that they had written themselves which captured their love for each other and aspirations for their life together. As wedding season approaches, Art Vows (,) the new first of its kind online gallery offering personally significant fine art pieces commemorating a couple’s wedding vows as well as anniversaries, vow renewals, and commitment ceremonies, wants to inspire couples to create their own magical moment... View Article

May 18, 2011

Your wedding vows + beautiful art = a new creative way for couples to turn their personal vows into a piece of art that lasts a lifetime. Introducing ArtVows. You choose whatever text, color, and art that you like to get the look that you want on paper or canvas that lasts a lifetime... View Article

May 19, 2011
Vow Writing Contest: Win Extra Cash for Your Big Day!

Mmmm, brides love free stuff (heck, who doesn’t?). Even better is winning free stuff in a contest. Not only was it free, but it means you won and ultimately were the best at something. Ego boost and help toward your wedding day, all at once... View Article

June 1, 2011
The Art of Love

Launched on Valentine’s Day of this year, ArtVows are personalized works of art that display a couple’s marriage vows amid vivid, full-color illustrations. Founder Michael Shapiro wanted to let all brides and grooms experience the beauty of signing a ketubah –a traditional Jewish marriage contract –on their wedding day... View Article

July 26, 2011
Cherishing your Wedding Vows…forever! (St. Louis Wedding Insider)

Your wedding vow rituals can now forever capture your hopes and dreams from your very special wedding day! I love surfing the web for unique ideas and gifts…and found a website that offers fine art pieces that honor the love between two souls... View Article

March 1, 2012
Vows That Wow (Beverly Clark's 2012 Elite Wedding Collection, Spring/Summer 2012, page 23)

Today's couples are putting more thought and creativity into their vows, even incorporating them into their home decor after the big day. Drawing on the tradition of the Jewish ketubah, inscribes these shared promises into limited-edition artwork, personalize and ready to frame. The website lets you search for designs based on color, artist or theme- from bold, colorful geometrics to soft, watercolor landscapes- and even suggests a wide range of vows to help you profess your eternal love. View Article

April 20, 2012
feature friday: artvow (Mrs. Why Knot)

Happy Fabulous Friday! Whose week flew by? Thankfully, mine sure did! Today, the spotlight is on a creative company called ArtVow. I met them at a recent NY Magazine Weddings Event in NYC. Read on to hear more about their creations! View Article

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